Saturday, June 16, 2012

Waiting for Mohammed

The lesson of Constantinople. has not been learned in the USA nor in the UK as well. The Byzantine empire like the British and USA empires were both at odds with The Holy Catholic Church for a variety of reasons. Both had the opportunity to return to The Holy Catholic Church and both failed to do so.
The Byzantines agreed to return at the council of Florence and then did not follow through with their promise. The British and Americans (USA) have the guiding message of Vatican II yet little progress has been made other than a few Anglicans returning and those mainly for social reasons rather than religious.

Preparing for battle:
Circle of Wagons

All those that call themselves "Christians" must now return to The Holy Catholic Church from which they came. The Byzantines, just before the fall of their empire led by their local clergy, were heard shouting in the streets "Rather be a Muslim than a Roman Catholic".

How sorry they all must have been during and after the terrible slaughter that took place. Divided we fall united we stand One Faith one Shepherd.

Lasped catholics and all those that call themselves "christians' return home now!